time flies.

haih, how time flies.....

I name it as a gloomy day, for me lah, because it happens every last day of my holiday. every holiday time actually.

my heart will rebel, feeling like don't want to go back to campus.

if other students, can't wait to go back to campus because they want to meet with friends, boyfriend, girlfriend maybe,

BUT me, I don't want to go back to campus, because I don't want to separate from mama and abah :'( yeah, I'm a spoiled brat :D and I'm proud of it :D

thank God I drive by myself to campus. if I go back by bus, I'll be crying during the whole journey. why ?
because, if I drive, mama and abah don't have to send me to the bus station.*tak letih,plus selamat je kat rumah.
if i go back by bus, my mind will go wandering, thinking where will they go after this, are they safely arrived at home yet ?*sampai tak tido dalam bus tu, nak tido pun takda mood. hahah. naahhh,, that's the reason.

and then when I have arrived at the hostel. I will be unpacking with silent mouth*konon sedih la tu :p

oh, 3 weeks of holiday means nothing to me, it feels like only 3 days. time flies like an arrow,

2 month for this sem. short sem. okay, goodbye, good night, sleep tight, I'll be your nightmare :p
I have to sleep early in order to rise up early too tomorrow.
Thank You for reading my mumbles

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