Short Sem Time Table

CES 2113 Introduction to Sociolinguistics
CES 2133 English Phonetics and Phonology

Tuesday - 2pm : English Phonetics and Phonology
Wednesday - 9am : Introduction to Sociolinguistics, 2pm : English Phonetics and Phonology
Thursday - 9am : Introduction to Sociolinguistics

3 days of classes, 4 days of holidays. hohoho. but I still want to go back to Kajang once in every two weeks. I was thinking, on Thursday after class I will heading back to Kajang, and on Tuesday morning I will be back at Unisel. I love this time table soooooo mucho.

and both of the lecturers, Mr. M and Mdm. N are so awesome ! both of them are emmm.. eccentric ? haha. Mr. Mus belong to and interracial family. His late grandfather cames from Wales, England, his grandmother or his mother, I'm not sure, is Chinese, his sister married with an Iranian and his another sister marries with Scottish and I think his dad is Malay and he is so open minded. while Mdm. N are multilingual. she can speaks Javanese, French and of course English, B. Malaysia and she understands Japanese. So I think she suits in teaching Sociolinguistics. They are funny. and I bet their class will be awesome, we're laughing most of the time. so it's not boring.

I can't believed that I will learn English Phonetics and Phonology again, wheeww, thank God I still remember Table 4 , head anatomy, and tongue, haha, this Vowels and Consonants thingy. I still have my foundation notes for this subject, so I can use it to refer. hahaha.

Okaybye. *penuhkan syarat nak update blog jep : )
Thank You for reading my mumbles

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