My Everything

this is the list of all my love .. <3
they fill the emptiness in my heart ..
well , there still some space in my heart if you want to fill it .. *Who is it ?*

  • Abah - my money machine , most important he is MY DAD + my hero . <3
  • Mama - the EVERYTHING in my life . <3
  • Bro - he's the one I turn to ask about computer, games, movie.
  • Bro in-laws - these two man always give me advices about my education and future
  • The Siss - the three of them always make me smile , laughing all the time .
  • Nephews - well, I love you both although sometimes you guys are really annoying ! Fathi the Ultraman and Faris the Abg Lebai, the latest nephew, Abu Bakr Al-Kauthar who loves to smile.
  • Nieces - Aiesyah(Si Kembang) the one who love to talk, Nailah(Gummy Bear) the one who love to eat and little Nisrina the baby who has slit eyes and she loves to make 'Hulk' attitude ..
I'm proud to have all of you as a FAMILY

Thank You for reading my mumbles

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