relieved :)

HELLOOOOOOO... finally,, I'm done with Microteaching... homaiii,,,, feel so glad.. what a relief... another burden have been lifted.. so what left is:

Reasearh Proposal
Mandarin's Oral Test
Karnival Koko
Final Exam
and some other test..,

haihh...  after done watching other group's presentation.. I went back and straight doing the house chores. my room such a mess. there's a lot of paper all over the study table. there's a lot of cloth on the bed.... now I have tidy my room.. and also the hall.. haihhh, seronok tengok rumah kemas,,,

I am now doing my laundry,, baju seminggu tak basuh.. haihh, nak kena mengankut air dari sinki dapur pegi washing maching kat balkoni dapur,, tak jauh pun.. tapi 5 baldi nak kena ngangkut..pasal baju pun banyak sangat..5 baldi cuci, 5 baldi basuh.. waaaa, sepuluh kali angkut baldi, pegi balik,,, waaaaa kalau begitu nanti saya ada muscle. HEBAT ! lepas nie siap basuh jemur baju, solat then tidoo... confirm malam nie tido macam kayu balak....

btw, yesterday pegi tengok theatre.. performed by our seniors..ada dua theatre,, How I Met Myself and Step by The Wicked .. both teams doing a great job .. since dorang punya dapat sambutan... I bet our deputy dean   expect more from us.. time buat drama tuu pun dah kena puji lebih bagai,,,  haihh,, Maybe sem 4 kot kena buat.. pikir2 samada nak jadi backstage punya crew, or nak menari,,, hihi..

okey, I forgot to rotate the picture, ahha, like I care, i'm tired here... not tired but more to exhausted...
gonna meet Mama and Abah tomorrow... cant wait to meet 'em... okay till then,,
nak jemur baju, nak solat,  nak tidur,, KBAI,, have a great weekend peeps :)
Thank You for reading my mumbles

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