please .....

I can't wait for semester break.haih.. I want to just sit at home, well obviously with some activity, I miss jogging at the playground, haha, Taman Kolam Air, I used to jog for ten rounds up and down the hills. I wanted my to be bathed by sweat, haish I miss that.

I want to find my old me. I think there's something currently in my mind, and it's kinda bother me which I don't know what it is. I don't feel happy like I used to..well, I am still happy but not like before, the happy go lucky me version.haishh, mood swing, I hate mood swing ! I'm dying last weekend,  when boredom strikes, it killed me,

so pleaseeeeee, time please fly faster ! but then when it is the time for semester break, please be slow, as slow as you can.HAHA.

had speech and communication's quiz this morning, well I thought it's an individually answer, it turned out to be grouping.. and had syntax and morphology class, cover to chapter today.. so another 3 chapter to go.. go go power rangers !

had lunch, wow I'm craving for rice, 3 days without rice has flatten my belly a bit.haha.. had asam pedas ikan pari..homaii, it was delicious.. *menyesal tak ambil nasi banyak sikit.

went to dewan biru with izzah just now, bought char kue tiau. haven't eat them for a week, I think that abang char kue tiau already recognize me, he asked "hai sorang je ke, mana yang lain?" haha, that awkward moment. *salute dekat abang char kue tiau tu, sebab dia budak engineering and dia ada masa untuk kerja waktu malam.tabik spring.dapat kue tiau lebih, muak pulak. nasib baik marvellous.

got koko meeting this coming wednesday at main hall. haih it must be about carnival. the carnival is on saturday 17 March. I'm going to sell biscuit, cookies, sandwich.... *kalau jadi. haven's buy the things yet. haih.. so busy...

ya know what, it is 10.30pm, it is so cold now, and I haven't take my shower yet, GREAT ! cold weather today, NAIS... okay.bye,*mood swing

p/s: out of sudden humming lagu roti gardenia =.=

foot note:
what did you do to other people, it will come back and haunt you. 
what goes around comes around, 
karma is a bitch, remember that people.
 specifically to all of you and a note to me :)
 you give them crap, you will received tons of shit...

Thank You for reading my mumbles

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