8 March ..

Assalamualaikum and good evening people :) hehe .. jadi skema pulak..
first of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my lovely sister, our doctor in the family ...happy birthday again from your annoying little sister.. I know I always annoy you.. but that a common thing in sisterhood. heheh..

rasa-rasanya..hmmm,.. bukan rasa , memang pun,, dengan kak ani laa aku paling selalu gaduh dulu..,, selalu pukul die,, naik atas belakang die..marah die..haha.. standard la enn adik bongsu .. *baby* lagi ganas pulak tuu , hewhew.. yela masing-masing anak manja khenn.. yang selalu leraikan pulak kak ana.. hehe..

haha, btw, may you succeed in your life and be an excellent doctor... *nehhh, i dont have any latest picture of you.. hewhew

not to forget HAPPY WOMEN's DAY especially to the queen of my heart mama <3 my sisters  and my ladies...
Thank You for reading my mumbles

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