super hectic week

this week a super hectic week.

Monday : public speaking, cocurriculum's paperwork, 3 classes (DONE)
Tuesday : Mandarin test, 3 classes (DONE)
Wednesday : final presentation for Comp subject (postpone to next week)*thank God
Thursday : watching theatre (require to go.)
Friday : Microteaching T_T

so I have survived for Monday and Tuesday. thank to God for Wednesday.. so only left for microteaching... homaii... I'm so freaking nervous, but I still got time for myself. only a little time for me..

tapi aku takda lah busy macam gambar kat bawah ni.. ini bila dah kerja mungkin.. haha.. cuti sem nanti, aku balas dendam. watching movies 24/7 . hohoho.

p/s : cuti jadi stalker jap :p I will be back *evillaugh.
Thank You for reading my mumbles

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