So It's Our Drama AGAIN

before this we only did a meeting to discuss about props and character ..
so yesterday night was our first official TRAINING ,
I haven't blogged about our drama yet ,
This semester we're doing a Malay drama entitled ANIKE ,
Anike is an old Malay drama , and Anike is a name of a woman ,
this drama is actually a sequel of Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat story ,,

So this is the list of characters ,

Maniaka(king) : Dzaq
Nadim (maniaka's son): Rizal
Anike : Syieqa
Yasmin : Imah
Bendahara : Haziq
Wanang Seri (maniaka's wife) : Hanan
Tok Seth : Danny
Boy(Tok Seth's seer) : ME
Guard : Jenoz
Mesengger : Izzah Ismail

Director : As
Assistant Director : Joy
Sound : Leong
Props : Jenoz
Lighting : Endara
Costume : Kak Tiqah

our director and her assistant 
main cast

sound guy !

and I wonder where is my script !!!
Thank You for reading my mumbles


-tHe ForGoTTen- said...

crap!!!..why post that pic..T_T...
my image all GONE...sigghhh

Fatini said...

teheeeee ~

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