back to normal ~

ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ,
I am now back to unisel ,,
I am now AWAKE for the routine as a student after 1 week holiday ,,
 but hey ho ! I completed my assignment before hari raya okayy *take note*

btw , I found my phonology book , fuuhh , thank God , I still need that book ,,
since General Linguistic Subject is now related to Phonology , that make me love Linguistic !!!
hello Mr. Soo , I'm in to the subject !

my head , my life

My very modest bed ,
hello Mr. G , I Miss You a lot ,
I slept with Mr, Spongebob for the whole week :D

I feel reluctant to leave the house this afternoon , little Siti cries , she won't let me go ,,
awww ,, miss those kids already ;'(
Thank You for reading my mumbles

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