Bad Day vs laugh day ?

okay , it's Saturday , which mean yesterday was Friday ,
I thought yesterday was Wednesday ,,,
well , I didn't time really flies leaving me behind , *how could you !

ya know what , I can't sleep last night !
I was soooooooooo hot ! and mosquitoes was everywhere ,
I don't know how to sleep , I turned to my left side , then after a minute I turned to my right side ,
then I lie face downward , then I scratch my feet , *cursing , err I'll make sure that I will your generation clean and clear mosquito !* 
My foot full of mosquito bites ,, I looked at my phone , okay it's 3am >after one hour , ohhhh 4.14am ! after another one hour > 5.30am , okay I screwed .

 at last , I only sleep for two hours ,,, got class at 9am .. I can't imagine my feeling at that time ,, 
urghh ,  what ?Morning already ? ,, As woke me up at 8.30am , thanks to Izzah , she already ironed my baju kurung , .. *i do take my bath okay* 

then we're rushing to the class , Miss Thina's class ,,, and we got a test that morning ,,, thanks to dzaq because texted me the venue and Miss Thina already in the class , Okay I'm in front of the faculty , only a few step left ,, met Maznah on our way to class *maznah ke tuu?* I couldn't get rid the dialogue out of my mind .. 

I finally I'm in the class , only late for ten minutes aye ?
uhhh I felt so heaven in the class because of the air-cons , 
umm I managed to do the test :D (I did all the question but is it right or wrong answer ?)
There is no WRONG answer in Literature , *fact ! miss thina told us last sem *

haha , *i wonder why did I feel so bahagia*

bought our luncg at FITM stall , met Lyn , said hi to her , and she reply " Hi timah ! "
me "what" , lyn "sorry accidentally combine imah's and your name , so ot became Timah"
*pun boleh lah lyn*

that evening we have another test , which is PHILOSOPHY test ,, hooamjayy !
I slept for half an hour after Miss Thina's class ,

after , Philosophy class me and my dearest housemates went to FITM stall *again , murah punya pasal* , bought our dinner , anddddd another funny thing happened here ,

see the picture above ? here is the explanation
black dot - indian 1
grey dot - indian 2
yellow dot - as
purple dot - ME
pink dot - izzah
blue dot - imah

I was tweeting from my phone , As too , Imah was looking at the newspaper ,,
 the suddenly I heard  "hahh ? hahh?" its Izzah's voice
I saw izzah with her crinkly face saying "hah ? hah ?" at that indian 1 .
the indian 1  spoke Tamil , I was wondering since when Izzah can speak tamil , the I realized and I poked her "hey dia tengah cakap dengan kawan dia belakang kau lah ,
yang kau hah hah tu apesal?"
frankly, that Indian 1 was talking to his friend who sat behind Izzah ,
Izzah , izzah , :D
who's friend aye ?

and tonight As and Izzah are not around , 
they are going somewhere ,
so, I walked them to the front door 
here is the dialogue

me : korang jalan elok- elok k ,
bye , jaga hati tau ! ehhh ,,


supposed to be  JAGA DIRI tau ,,
 haha , another slip of tongue from me.
I think slip of tongue and typo is a part of myself , can't get rid of that

okay that a very longggggg post , I guessed ...  there's no class tomorrow so 
I tidy up my study table ,

if not , there will be a lot of paper there , *sedikit tunggang langgang kerna test*
weekend = tidy study table

okay tootles ! 

btw : as kissed my cheek ! that is so eww ,,, haha I love too roomate ,*I'm straight okay*


p/s : oppss lupa nak pusing gambar , lantak lah , 

Thank You for reading my mumbles

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