last weekend , my housemates and I went for hari raya ,
first we went to Izzah's Aunty's house ,
i met this veryyyy fat cat ,
the name was given is Garfield ,
its a SHE ,
she's heavy , I can't lift her properly ,,

we had our lunch , teatime and dinner there ,

then , after having our dinner , we went to Alina's house ,
we spent one night  there and we slept in a tent . it was my fourth time sleeping in a tent ,,
so I quite exited about that ,
That night we helped Alina's family at the kitchen , cooking , cutting and etc because the next day is the open house ,, :D
we done our job at 12am something , I think I slept around 2am there others maybe around 3am , laughing and goofing around in the tent ,

I woke up around 9am , took my bath and continue 'working'
we setting up the place ,,

around 2pm the guesses started to come ,,
we had our lunch together - me , izzah , imah , as ,and alina ,,,
time lunch nie lahh baru dapat duduk and gurau sama-sama , gelak macam nak mati , like open house rumah sendiri pulak ,

but , we don't have our picture together ,,  it's okay , we can keep  our memory in our heart ,,
Thank You for reading my mumbles

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