1 YEAR with you ,

Today is Monday , Sept 5 ,
which means , it's little baby Siti's birthday !!!
awwww ,,, finally you have reach puberty one year old !
I love YOU little niece ~

Siti Nailah Farahfishah
this is the latest of her  ...

well , there's a lot of names that we use to call her
-siti nelly
-ella bella

let me show you the growth of baby bella

 at this age , she cries a lot ..
 she loves to climb things .

the teeth already showed the tip ,,

while I'm blogging about her now , she is laughing with her brother ,,
shouting with her baby language ,,
Siti can't walk yet , but she's been using Aiesyah car to walk , just like walker ..

she can't walk but she got 6 tooth !
GO siti ,,

we gonna celebrate her birthday today :D

Thank You for reading my mumbles

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