back to the starting point !

eheelloww ...
i am now back to unisel after two month of holiday ...

i am now back to the starting point , as I am now pursuing my degree in TESL ..
no more foundation year ,..
haahhh ! the competition gets tougher aye ?!

no new faces , but I can see a few faces have been missing .. haha
thank God , may God bless them *her* ..

in this first semester on the first year , I will be taking 5 subjects
which is :

Introduction to General Linguistics
(Mr. Soo)

Malaysian Literature
(Miss Thina)

English Grammar
(Mr. Bakri)

Language Awareness
(Mr. Bakri)

Philosophy & Development of Education Industry in Malaysia
(Tn, Hj. Baghawi)

and what the heck is that philosophy & development of education industry ??
haha , we wait , see , learn and understand ,,
then I'll tell you , what the heck is that ..

oh yeah , this is my housemates - latest update ... ??

Imah , Izzah , As , Fura and Xaxa ...

Thank You for reading my mumbles

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