mana tajuk ?

I rarely update my blog nowadays , 
I've been soooooooo lazy , because I'm gonna continue my study soon ..  really soon ..
I feel like , * oh nooooo ! 2 month is not enough I need more holidays *cries*
in the same time , i feel so happy because i'm gonna meet with my dearly lunatic friends !
awwww ,, miss them so much ...

I already packed some of my things to bring there , also bought some necessary things ..
and hmmm , mama is not around , she went to KL already , taking care of the chickenpox girl ..
so I need to find all the thing all by myself ..

hmm , I wonder who will be my housemates ,  my roommate if  we are not allowed to pick ourselves ..
my wish is , my housemates is as , izzah , imah , safura , yaya ... miss u guys !
let's register together so we can stay in the same house !
eating meals together , yelling to each other , gossiping .. aww .. haww ,

and to AS , happy birthday in advance !!!! have a blast !!!!

Thank You for reading my mumbles

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