si comel

abang and abang ngah just bought a new colour pencil . one box for each . abang ngah bought the small one but abang  bought the big one . i asked abang angah why ? and this was his answer : " more cheaper , plus i'm small . " we laughed when we heard the answer . yahh , he is 4 years old !! then , while he was colouring the book , he asked my sister to 'patahkan' the colour pencil . huh ?? for what ? then he said 'tolong la patah kan' my sister said to him : ' no , no .don't break it . if you do , i won't buy colour pencil to you . i 'll give you batang kayu ' then i saw him sharpened the colour pencil , oohhh ! now i know why he asked us to break the pencil , he want to use the sharpener ! hahah ! kids !

while they were busy colouring the book , aiesyah came in sudden . my mom asked them to move all their books and colour pencils , and they took all their things and run to the other side of the room ! their were like run away from a big tiger .haha ! 
ooouuuww ! so cute !

p/s : sorry for the picture ,  forgot to rotate it .

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