you know right this symbol...

my mom got blog..... so what's wrong?? nothing.... this is how my conversation with my brother in law just now....

abg nizam: kenapa pc nie terpasang? x da org guna... internet x dak.. (why there're no one used this pc? but the pc was switched on..and there're no internet)

me: mama... dia nak update blog dia... (it was mama.... she want to update her blog...)

abag nizam: mama? mama ada blog? wow! (mama? mama got blog? wow!)

me: hahahaha!

abg nizam: mama sgt advanced diusia emas. kami pon x da blog.. malu la kami.... (mama is very advanced at her age... I do not have my own blog.. I'm ashamed of myself..)

well, mama has reached the age of fifty-six years old... She already retired, now she spend her time with my dad and their beautiful garden... I salute her.... and you know what, I'm the one who teached her ho1 to use Facebook and Blogger.... she just discover Facebook 5 months ago... and Blogger one month ago... now every night she will sit in front of her pc and starts blogging...

Thank You for reading my mumbles

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