our choral speaking-teenager

All : Once upon a time, there is a….
Solo : I don’t care about your ‘once upon a time’. This is not a fairytale.
solo : Yeah, we’re not kids anymore. We are…
All : Greetings human kind. Let us drive you into a little piece of our mind called ‘Teenage Life’
All : So, sit back, relax
But don’t fall asleep
And enjoy the show!
Mom : Where are you going?
All : They asked.
Mom : Who is your friend?
All : They curious.
mom : Why are you wearing like that?
All : They complaint.
mom : Is that your boyfriend?
All : All the thing she said, (x2)
Running through my head(x3)
solo : Can’t stand it anymore!
All : Dear, they just want the best for us. That’s all.
All : ♪We were both young when I first saw you…♪
Boy : Honey!
girl : Yes dear.
boy : Let’s go for a date tonight, hon.
girl : Can we make it tomorrow?
Boy : But I want it today.
girl : Tomorrow please.
Boy : No,today.
girl : Tomorrow!
Boy : Today!!
All : ♪u’ll be the prince and I’ll be the princess♪
boy : ♪Is a love story baby just say yes!♪
All : Hello! You’re not the only love birds here!
Urgh! Couple problem! So lame.
girl : Are you sure?
All : We are sure.
Half(1):We do need companion.
Half(2):We do need our love life.
All : But, don’t get overboard. We might over think about it and forget all the
Important things that we all need to remember.
All :*chattering*
solo : Did you know that Megan Fox is married?
All : FOR REAL?!
solo : Gossip machine!
All : We have to admit that we are a good gossip machines. Ask us anything.
solo : Latest gossip, latest news.
All : We are just eager to know everything.
All : The most common thing about all of us..
Ahhhh..you’re right
Pop, Techno, Rap, RnB, Metal, Hiphop. You name it!
We’re glad we’re in the 21st century
All the type of music is in here..
All : Money…money…money…
solo : When are we going to get our allowance?...
solo : Waaaaa…..!!
All : Hey! What’s the fuss about?!
solo : I don’t have money to eat!
solo : I don’t have money left to pay for class fund!
solo : I can’t call my mum everyday….
All :*nodding* Not only you, we also do have the same problem. But don’t worry,We will get it soon…
solo : Hey, hey guys. Do you realize that exam is just around the corner….
solo : OH MY!!
All : We are too busy having fun till we forget that exam is just around the corner.
solo : We are doomed! We’re gonna diiiieeeee!!
All : Aaaaarrrrghhhhh!!
solo : Stop it! We still have time. Better go and study now.
All : We should never *procrastinate* and waste our time by doing crappy stuff.
All : We might be a *trouble maker* and also be a *burden* to our parents, but
hey! This is our life and we appreciate every single moment of it..

All : Read our lips!
All :You Only Live Once But If You Do It Right, Once Is Enough.
Solo: xiexie, nandre, terima kasih, gracias, syukran, arigato gozayimas, sensowamita, THANK YOU.!
Thank You for reading my mumbles


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assalamualaikum kak...apa nama choral speaking ni???

Anonymous said...

salam. may i use this for my student's show? i dont have enough time right now. heeee. maybe i will edit it here n there a little bit. thanks in advance!!

Divyadharshini Kalaiselvam said...

Hi , I'm thinking of using this for my students, thanks in advance. Will be editing some parts don't worry! Tq 😚

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