Lawn mower.....

I woke up late today... Well not very late... after Subuh prayer, I went to sleep back and woke up on 9 o'clock. Not to bad aye??

"Baby(mama used to call me with this), potong rumput nie dengan mesin besar tu(cut this grass with the big lawn mower please)" Mama said.

"Awat(why)? dah fed up ka dengan pemotong kecik tu(are you already fed up with the small cutter)?" I asked.

Mama answer," tak, susah nak potong(nope, it is hard to cut)."

So I took out the big lawn mower and just do it. Actually it is not suitable to use the big lawn mower onto the Carpet Grass. If you know How to adjust it, do it. If you don't , forget it.

I did it for a few times. Well, maybe for the first time it turn out to a disaster and it is not that bad, maybe there's some yellow spot or worst you can see the soil.


The big lawn mower that cause the yellow spot

yellow spot

the small cutter(you need to charge the battery)

small cutter(that will cause abrasion to your fingers)

using the small cutter, this beautiful grass you will got

THE SINKING GRASS(what i used to call it)

trust me,,,, it won't kill you!
Thank You for reading my mumbles

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