thinking of making mac & cheese . baked macaroni and cheese.. bought the ingredients just now...
macaroni, prego cheese & herbs sauce,  cheesedale cheese slices.
other ingredients such as prawn, broccoli and carrot should be in the fridge.
i have 3 recipes on how to make it... i'll choose the easiest.HAHA. or i will ask my sister.

I also bought 3 cups of plain yogurt, for my eczema. i'll spread it on my rashes. then the lactobacillus or the live cultures will do their job. they will eat he yeast or something..

it's Seborrhoeic dermatitis

why Seborrhoeic ? my eczema always happens at the under nose above the mouth area.(based on the other article that I read, not the link  below) so that type of eczema called Seborrhoeic Eczema. there will be rashes, irritation, red spot.

causes ?

Soaps, laundry detergents and some fabric softeners

Cleaning products

Exposure to exteme weather temperatures (hot or cold) or very high or very low humidity levels

Dust, moulds, pollen, fungi

Animal dander, pet hair

Dust mites and their droppings



Rough clothing from coarse materials like wool can irritate your skin

Wearing latex gloves

Rubbing or scratching of your skin

Perfumes, creams, and cosmetics with formaldehyde as an ingredient

Physical, emotional or mental stress or anxiety

Ailments like a cold, flu or other infections

Skin infections

Deodorants, most of them contain active drying ingredients like aluminum chloride

Jewelry. and especially nickel, also if nickel is just a minor component of the jewelry; any gold less than 24 karats has some nickel in it

Allergens in your environment. Some more serious forms of eczema are caused by an extreme allergic reaction to external factors or agents that unfortunately can't be removed from the environment

Eating or even handling of certain foods. Cow's milk is a regular trigger as are wheat gluten (wheat protein)

some of the causes could be mine in my case. haha. <-- source.

eczema is NOT CONTAGIOUS okay. you can make a physical contact without any hesitation. -.-

gtg ... Asar then jogging .....

Thank You for reading my mumbles

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