A comic book life ?

I tried, you don't, therefore I'm gone. <-- this was not aimed for anyone. BUT if the shoes fit, feel free to wear it. yeah, you...lulz.

yeah, promises are not meant to be broken in the first place. but dumb people did that. awwh, you dumb. ke nyanyuk ? haha, it's either one. those crappy talks. but people make it that way kan.

hey, I know more than you think I know. I had enough. but still I love to try for it. haha. silly me, I should stop that. kot.

if we human have these buttons. it will be great. just great. there are some other thing that was mark as 'important' and 'not important'. I shall delete the not important things and cover it with important one but  I'm human. so I CAN'T. that's the beauty of human brain, it can't store but couldn't delete. unless it accidentally delete(forget). Subhanallah, the beauty of His creation. I will always treasure the memories that I have all over the year.

There it goes, another comic book novel life, based on 'comic book. 'HAHA. really ? no one care, and no one will.

Frankly, I'm bored with this song already. maybe someone can change it ? maybe with another catchy, lively, lovely song. whew. this song is still on hitz 40 for the past emmm.. 2 month ? no 4-5 month. yes I count it. based on previous event. I don't want the list grow bigger and bigger for 'somebody that I used to know list'.lulz.

but I never bored with this song. it's quite catchy, love it !

oh, the thing that I asked the other day, I take that as 'TRUE'
OK. noted :)

I don't want my dream fly as high as butterfly. but I wish it will be as high as satellite. can ? haha. 'improbable'. please lower it down.

walk, walk, walk, walk awayyyyyyy .. to infinity and beyonddd..
low battery, got to go. nighty night.  have a great day ahead peeps.

again---> if the shoes fit, feel free to wear it ! sarcasm ? NO.
Thank You for reading my mumbles

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