8th Ramadhan

celebrate Faris's Birthday during sahur. ate a slice of cake. Chocolate Indulgence I guessed. have I mentioned that I've been eating yogurt every morning and raw carrot every night ? haha. healthfreak !

Became a super mommy for a while. holding Baby N for a while carried Baby Abu Bakr in his baby carrier. hahah.

mama, abah went to Penang, they brought Aiesyah together. Kak Nor and her family went to Penang too, to her mother in-law's house.
So only me, Kak Ana, Abu Bakr and Mak Pah at home..

Helped Mak Pah in the kitchen. making Laksa ! awww always be my favourite !

Did marathon on The Big Bang Theory, yeah, connect the hard drive to the blueray player. haaaa, watched it on TV, much better, since no one watch the TV. then mama and abah got home, then I went to the room and doing marathon watching Eid Commercial. hahaha ==''
Thank You for reading my mumbles

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