7th Ramadhan

it's 7th Ramadhan, 27.7.2012, and it's Faris's 7th Birthday ! see, how many 7s there. haha.

So Faris, I wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY

May Allah bless you, long live, many happy return, be a good Muslim, be a good guy in the future who rich with fardhu ain and fardhu kifayah knowledge, world and hereafter knowledge, have a prosperous life, have a good health until at the end of your life.. Amin..

went to the shop, buying groceries with my sister. well, I droved the car and she did all the buying things. I just stayed in the car singing the songs played on the radio. lulz.

the on the evening, I went to the bank, to take the cash deposit cheque for the registration payment. My goodness ! the too many cars, and I had to go round and round and round to find a parking ! whew.

Not much to do, through out the day. I just playing with my nieces. well, not really play play with them, most likely I just keep eyes on them. this two kids love to fight ! sitting on the bench under the tree holding Baby N, she don't baby talks much, since she is not well, running nose and cough.

A few moment before iftar, Mama called me. I was 9GAG-ing in my room,

MAMA : B !
MAMA : tolong pergi tengok agar-agar ... 
*bla bla bla...at this point I do not know what is she talking about.
ME : Okay. I then stand up and walk to Kak Ana's bedroom.

ME : open the door and saw Kak Ana is breastfeeding Abu Bakr.
Eh, Kak Ana ada ? then buat apa Mama suruh orang tengokkan Abu Bakr ?
KAK ANA : tak tahu, raised shoulder.
ME: okay. baru habis mandi ke ?
KAK ANA : tak, dah lama dah mandi
ME : okay.. went out and shut the door.

ME : tuu, Kak Ana ada je dalam bilik die, buat apa mama suruh B pergi tengokkan Abu Bakr ?
MAMA : bila mama suruh ?
ME : tadi ..
MAMA : laaaaa, mama suruh kamu pergi tengok kan agar-agar, dah potong ke belum .... ROFL.
ME : oooo -____________-

my ears not functioning right, too tired maybe..

Thank You for reading my mumbles

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