2nd Ramadhan

I felt so hungry at 10.30am. waaa.. I'm pretty sure I ate a lot during supper.

spent my day today by watching The Big Bang Theory, I'm done with all 5 seasons. wheeww, can't wait for season 6. haih I don't like this feeling. the feeling after watching a good series or movies. haha. me feel soooooo lonely. what a boring life ngahaha.

so today, I baked ' baked macaroni  and cheese' again.. haha, since all my family member are present, so why not I baked it again.. ngahaha, hope it will taste much better, since I put some salt, and chicken.
so we got me kuah, for iftar and my baked macaroni and cheese obviously. I bought soya water as usual.

hahaha., okay, 2 hours and half to goooooo... yeah, everybody is waiting for azan Maghrib.
Thank You for reading my mumbles

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