1st Ramadhan

It was a great feeling to have supper with family on the 1st day of Ramadhan.. :')

then I slept at 7.30am until 10.30am.. suddenly awake because my sister barged into my room.

then I went to Taiping with mama at 1pm. just for window shopping and shopping itself. BHAHAHA.

mama bought herself a jubah for terawih and I got a pair of baju kurung.. it's not a baju raya but it's a new attire to wear for next semester.... haha,

then we went back home but we stopped by at bazar ramadhan at pekan selama, wheww.. there was a heavy traffic.. jammed nearly for 2km. and crowd of people at the bazar was like ants.. whewww.. I bought a soya and soya bean curt.

we break our fast with karipap, dates, melon, and rice from mosque. the moreh tonight was sponsored by our family, so abah took some rice and dishes earlier for us to break the fast.

sitting around the table with ze love ones. wow. what a beautiful moment. cherished the moment. well most of the family members are present. abang nizam, faris and fathi went to Penang, Kak Ana is on her confinement period.

it just the 1st day of fasting, but I am freaking tired here. why laa.. haih I'm sleepy.

opp.. kepala kita ada benjol lah, terhantuk dengan pintu fridge tadi. Ada dua ! satu atas sikit dari dahi, satu lagi dekat parietal area.. ==''

am having soya bean curt now. tootles !
Thank You for reading my mumbles

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