Time: April 5th '12 , 18:25
AEON Anggun Rawang

Weight : 55.1 kg  *danggggg !
Height : 161.5 cm  : )
Your BMI is : 21.1
Ideal BMI Range : 19-25
Ideal Weight : 49-65 kg

Body Fat Index : 33.0 % :O
Mass Body Fat : 18.2 kg
Ideal Body Fat L 18-27 %
Ideal Body Fat Mass : 9.9-14.9 kg
Daily Energy Requirement : 1282 Kcal

Blood Pressure : 151 / 83 mmHg
Pulse Rate : 110 / ppm
Normal Blood Pressure Less then 150 / 90

I feel so unhealthy now *sudden headache

see all those thingy ? I gained my weight. and also my body fat index and mass body fat, which is not good, thumbs down, I should eat less fat and starts my daily work out back. seriously folks ! this semester is so tough, I have no time to go jog or badminton. I only have time to breath,

but semester break will starts next week, so I'm gonna start my daily jog every evening, fuuhh, I miss that. bathing with sweats and sun light, it's a pleasure you know when I'm in sweats. I will feel so healthy ! and when I'm tired, I will eat less, so I will eat less fat : ) ahaha..

went to Jusco Rawang *sorry Ma tak bagi tahu, pegi kejap je pun. bought Pyjama and pants. I have a lot of tees (for sleep) but lack of pants, bought pencil case *wink,  err that's all I guessed... had noodle with tomyam soup, prawn cheese macaroni and milkshake at Secret Recipe and as usual BR31..

went there, with Imah, Izzah, Xaxa and Ciko.. such a lovely short evening,

okbai, must study for Computer and Technology in Education. seriously, I don't know what to study for this subject, so I just read all the notes given...
Thank You for reading my mumbles

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