" Dear Tuesday, Please come faster. I'm jealous much looking at the other students carry the belongings out from the hostel T_T "

Seriously, I'm so jealous looking at them ! with the sounds of cars come in and out to the hostel area, people saying goodbye. pheeeww, me want to go home so badly ! my last paper is in Monday evening *why evening T_T. btw, I have packing up some of my things. yeah, shirts. I have tons of it here. thank God we don't have to do any clearance for this semester. so I don't have to bring back all my things.


p/s: handphone dah bengong. lembab je, suka jammed, bateri pun cepat drained out, suka blank dan restart tiba-tiba. kalau dah ada kerja sendiri, bole dah beli handphone baru, malangnya degree pun tak habis lagi. me want Blackberry.

Thank You for reading my mumbles

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