kawan-kawan :)

tehee, my final exam is now over :)
I had my last paper yesterday,
okay now i'm waiting for my sister to fetch me.
I think I already miss my beloved freaking annoying wetoders...
Izzah, Imah, As, Haziq, Dz, Danny, and Ciko ...
awww, had a great time with you guys for this 1st sem.
danngggg , I miss you guys already !
take care of yourself okay :)
come back in one piece :D

btw, last night I watch Al-Hijab with my housemates also with
Sangeet, Joy, Hema, Shieqa, and Syaz  at Shieqa's house.
 WHATTAA scary movie .

THUMBS UP ! well, I screamed most of the time. and hide my face under Izzah's arm.
and she kept hugging me..... I kept making peace in front of my eyes to narrow down my sight towards the screen. hahaha, sucha loser aye!

 what a great night to end the 1st with my beloved friend.

(will be editing some more soon, i just too lazy too update.tapi bila pikir korang, aku rajin kan jugak.)

currently eating MEE SEDAP. dah lama tak makan maggie nieehhh.
Thank You for reading my mumbles

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