The Secret Life Of Nora

went to Istana Budaya with my fellow classmates and lecturers , yesterday evening ,
went there to watch The Secret Life of Nora

It was a GREAT musical play :D I laughed most of the time.
here are the list of casts .

  • Tiara Jacquelina - Agent Nora
  • Ryan Silverman - Agent Roger Fross
  • Aznil Hj Nawawi - Mr. J Heart
  • Adibah Noor - Khatijah
  • Tony Eusoff - Agent Farouk
  • Stephanie Van Driesen - Betty
  • Aaron Khaleed - Sharif 
here's the synopsis, i snapped the picture it from the book , can you read it clearly ?

I hope you can, because I'm too lazy to type , savvy ?
what can I say here is , It's a WONDERFUL musical play . It's not too serious, full with comedy ,
me likey !
waiting for Act 2


the merchandise ,
 I want to buy the shirt , but i don't bring enough money :(

TJ and Ryan

I take this as a MUST WATCH play !
nak tengok lagi boleh ?

Thank You for reading my mumbles

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