it's done- ANIKE

finall, we have performed our drama,
it's officially over :(
two weeks ago,
I'm too lazy and to busy to update my blog, DANG !
so I just upload some pictures,
and let the pictures talk.

last housekeeping,
tsstt ! tsstt!
I miss this moment

final preparation.
stage preparation.

director and director of music

directors or lighting

King Maniaka a.k.a Mister potato

Dato Bendahara a.k.a pak cik misai harimau

Anike and Nadim a.k.a Romeo and Juliet ?

Yasmin a.k.a mahsuri ganu

Boboy the Dancer and Tok Seth a.k.a fortuneteller amd ketua ajaran sesat
messenger a.k.a  my BOO
puas tak ?
pasal gambar ko tak duduk kat langsir. 
nampak sama je dengan gambar main-main 
yang lain, 
sory BOO <3

Wanang Seri

crowd. orang kampung

Our tough GUARDS

this red riding hood as our Make Up master

got a lot of picture to upload, but then i'm too lazy plus it will be a  super longggggggg Post.
you won't like it.
hahaha :D

my BaBe
love you guys !


the Dancer =='

I don't know how to dance okay.
who says it's easy to do a classic Malay dance?
it's hard okay !
they got their own way to sit,*cangkung*
your left or right foot had to go round to the other foot,
which is hard to balance your body.
ahah , I did fell down.
my hand is not that pointy.
basically I'm not a Graceful dancer okay.

put your hands up , put you hands up
my classmates know what is that means.

andddd I don't know how to wear kain batik okay !
I just tied it and wear a belt.
haha. as simple as that.

okayy now SMILE :)

Thank You for reading my mumbles

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