stranded in KTM komuter *sigh

well based on the title ..
yesss , I stranded in commuter recently ..
a journey that should take only one hour from Sg. Buloh to Kajang 
3 hours and 45 minutes ...
urrgghhh ..
had trauma for a while ...
me , Izzah and As were like "homaigod  why this commuter stopped for a long time"
As was the most luckiest among us , 
because she stopped at KL Sentral ..
so she only had one long stop ..
while Izzah and me had to stopped for like 4 times ..
a FOUR long stop !
the worst stop was at Salak Selatan I think the commuter stopped there 
nearly two hours *sigh*
so we had our berbuka in the commuter which is I said it kinda interesting ..
well , it was a new experience for me ..
thanks to As , my baa
see the kid in the red sweater , he is reciting prayer
fake smile

As look so umm ... I couldn't find the right word ..
let say she look so damn sleepy lah ..
I had to blur the picture so you won't puke ...
*as , jangen mare , kite bergurau sende saje*

those twin brothers and their little sister was trying to play
 with the little boy in the stripe sweater ..
hmm . I can see 1Malaysia in this picture .. the Malays , Chinese , and Indian 
was talking and we're joking to each other.. 
I felt so entertained on this situation ..

May Allah bless The Malaysian

Thank You for reading my mumbles

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