a day at Dataran Merdeka

I went to Dataran Merdeka last Sunday ...
like seriously folks , this is my first time I 'step' on Dataran Merdeka ..

although I've been passed by in front of Dataran Merdeka like for zillion times ..
pity me :(
thanks to Abang Redzuan who brought me and my sister also Ecah here ..
actually we went there for iftar at Restoran Warisan ..
so whiloe waiting for Magrib prayer ..
we went for a walk at the dataran ...

it is hard to make Ecah look at the camera when we're in public places ...


*dead log*

hmm , maybe you can make this one of your family portrait , sister
 I like this picture although my face is not in there ...

actually Ecah was scared of that very tall flag pole ..
at first she didn't realize that it was a high flag pole .
but when we showed to her , she hugged he mummy with a frightened face ..
yup , she scares of very high thingy . 

so this is the Restoran Warisan ...
It located in front of Dataran Merdeka and near with 
National Library ...
*easy to find*
this restaurant serves Malaysian dishes ..
the Ramadhan buffet for adult is RM 45 and for children is RM 19
well , the food was delicious .. 
and the was nice too ..

look at this hungry kid .
see the mess that she made ..
that is only the mess from her table chair ..
I won't show you the picture of the floor ..
It's horrible ...
I think my sister need to ask an apologize to the cleaner every time they eat at restaurant ..

Sultan Abdul Samad Building at night ..
well it looks different ..
and eventually the big clock makes a *dong* sound when it already 9pm and so on...
I don't know that ..
so that is a real bigggggg grandfather clock ..
oohh ..

you might need this map .. who knows that you might lost in KL *LOLed*
well some of the local citizen still can't remember all the road in KL ..

p/s : I've  rotated all the picture ,
but still when I uploaded it ,
it became unrotated ..

Thank You for reading my mumbles

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