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Assalamualaikum and Hellooooo !!!
I think haven't made any blog post about Ramadhan yet .. Today is 6th Ramadhan and it is not too late yet to wish to all Muslim " SALAM RAMADHAN " .... From the previous blog post , I do tell you guys , that I went back to my Hometown for awal Ramadhan ... It's good to break the first day of fasting together with family ...
My nephew Faris only fasting for half day ... and he keeps mumbling , tell us why he should break his fast earlier .. hahah , I keep distracting him to not to break his fast .. What did I do ?? I made him watch Spongebob Movie back to back ..

look at that bugsy eyes .. too tired I guest .. but it was 11.30 am at that time  and he mumbled like he already go through the fasting for a day ... the best part is , he didn't ask for a food , but he asked for a milk !! what a kid ~~ .. hmm , little Fathi .. well he didn't fasting at all , so he keeps telling Faris that it is okay for a kid that ages 4 and below to not fast , -
abang kan dah enam tahun , dah besar tuu , kenalah puasa , adik takpe baru umur 4 tahun boleh minum susu lagi
well you are 5 years old next January adik !

and I spent most of the day play with baby Siti ...
ohh , I wish you know how much I miss you my little lady ...
she is 11 month , and she can waving her and and say "bye bye"

btw , I am so surprised on my way back to my hometown . I went back by bus , and usually it took around 4 to 5 hours to arrive to Taiping , but this time it took me 3½ hours only ! I still know how count the time , 4pm to 7.30pm is 3½ hours , right ! is there any new shortcut ? and I don't think the bus run too fast ... I sleep , I watch some movies

and boommm , I arrived at Taiping at 7.30pm ... abah said I should arrive at 9pm , why you're so early ? I'm going to the mosque for Maghrib and I got feast there .. So , my bro in-law , my sister and my babies fetch me at Kamunting .. the best part is I waited for 1½ hours .. abang Nizam said that if you wait for abah , you gonna wait for him for 2½ hours .. 

here at unisel , my housemates and I  went to bazar Ramadhan near Dewan Biru to by some juadah for berbuka .. I want to buy Char Kue Tiau but there always a lot of people standing at that stall , so  I just cancel my wish .. I hate to wait and I hate crowded place .. err , Char Kue Tiau *drools*

ya know what , this is my fourth weekend at unisel , and OMG I feel so lifeless spending my weekend here ... So damn boring ! I think I need to go to my sister house lah next week , plus I haven't break the fast with them yet .. so Kak Ana wait for me okay , I'm going back to your house next week .. I miss that Lion Hair

Thank You for reading my mumbles

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