I'm in love with MAXIMUS ,,, 
The Palace Horse
heee , (=_=)

He is cute isn't it ....
I like his face ...

It all starts will Tangled ...
at first I saw Max sniffed trying to locate Flynn , I was thinking
" Is he a dog or a horse ? "
I kinda confused for a sec ...
split personality maybe ...
or one of his parents is a dog ... LOL -_-

If I can have a horse like this ....
* wish upon a star *
can I ??

I just realized that Rapunzel's face looked alike with Violet's face ..
you know Violet ??
the one who can make force field and be invisible ..
from The Incredible movie ??

well obviously they have a different hair colour , but look at their face ...
they looked alike .. not 100% same ...

p/s : Sorry I couldn't get clearer pictures ..
Internet sucks !

Thank You for reading my mumbles

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