another day at home ...

another day at home

I supposed to be at Slim River now ...
but ...
I'm still at home ..
guess what ..
I got no class tomorrow ..
the class has been cancel !
so my brother-in-law made a decision ..
'kalau mcm tu kita balik pagi besok laahh ..'
my mom already prepared agar-agar for my sister and her kids ...
so we will hand up the agar-agar to her tomorrow ...

hmmm.... lucky me !
bro-in-law said 
'kerajaan langit bagi cuti free , seronoklah kamu ye ?!'

yup , I'm happy 
never bored to be at home looking at my parents face ..
i love them 

p/s : another wish granted !

Thank You for reading my mumbles

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