curtain closed for Catch Us If You Can theater performance today, been to chancellor hall as early at 6am today. haaaaaa. what a relieved 
After 3 months of hardworks, sleepless night, ups and downs, practices until midnight. we finally performed it ! and it was a great performance. congrats to all crew, actors and actresses. our dean cried at the end of our show, our deputy dean saw him wrote something on a piece of paper, maybe he misses his Grandpa., one of my lecturer even cancel his class this week just because he really enjoy the play.. our dearest lecturers stand up and gave us big applause at the end of the show and not to forget applause and supports from the audiences. 

i'm gonna miss the moments :) the friends/other crews from other classes, bukan mudah cik Fatini nak mesra nak berbual dengan orang lain selain kawan sendiri.

one of the big and dragging assignment has done. one microteaching also done. so only 2 microteaching left.

Haih, I miss my bed. okay.. gotta hit the bed now..

pictures, coming soon. tu pun kalau ada. goodnight people.

Thank You for reading my mumbles

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