after a whole week in tense, 3 hours of sleep, class all day long... pheww, 10 on going works at the same time for this week.. finally, I'm done with all assignments, presentations, microteachings and take home test. I wished all the hard-works pay off.  although every week was a hectic week, but this week was the most hectic. no time to rest at all. I feel like a zombie. I dont even have time to take my dinner !*kempis perut kejap duit pun x keluar*. ahha , I just realised that after a whole week, only today I withdrew my money. selalunya rm50 per week tu memang cukup makan je, mostly tak cukup, this time cukup. waa !

every single day buat lesson plan for three lecturer ! semua kata lain-lain. confused. hmmm..

Thank You for reading my mumbles

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