I'm having period pain. aahh, quit a massive one, I still can walk, but not for a long time..
So i just spend my time on the bed. I wanted to sleep, but I can't. too pain. so here am I lying down on the bed with my laptop on the tummy googling about menstual cramp.

it'a quite a long time since I had this massive period pain. now it came back. 

the most massive period pain or should I said the most severe one that I'll never forget is back in the year of 2008 I guessed,

Me, mama, abah, and abang wan were at Ikea at that time, kak ana was at DPA at that time so she's not with us. just arrived at Ikea. and suddenly I felt like having stomachache. but then it become painful and mooooorrreeee painful. went to the toilet, diarrhea and vomiting one short. wheeww..  mama became panicked. dad bought water. mama gave me minyak cap kapak and pandol. and I became more painful. it feels like I become deaf and I can hear the pain. the sound of people's voice around me became faded away slowly. the sounds feels like am going to faint but i'm not. I walk like a drunk people. then I sleep on mama's shoulder. mama put some minyak cap kapak on my nose. during that time, I can't raise my arm at all. my energy drained out because of the severe pain. few minutes later, the pain GONE. gone. just like that, but my stomach felt sore. and I felt so tired like I just finished marathon.

that is my story about period pain. until now I still suffer from severe period pain. but it doesnt happen every menstrual maybe every four month. mild period pain ? yes, every month i can bear with that.

Thank You for reading my mumbles

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