ehheemm.. *clear throat*

So today I had my first class. Class Management and Teaching Techniques. no lectures, just ice breaking and some intro.

then went to get my keys at Dewan Biru, well I just go to get a place in line but then Syuhada settled it for me, since me, Imah and Izzah have to take all of our house thingy *washing machine, books, cutlery, etc at Dewan Biru, two car trips for the house thingy, yeah, luckily I have a car. if not, we would be half dead or probably dead, lifting and carrying all those things up and down the stairs, from dewan biru to hostel. wheeww

arranged my shirts, books all those room thingy.
then luncheon with housemates, and had a short nap*like really short...

and now, here am I lying on my 'nest' having cadbury chocolate bars. I had 2 bars ! what am I doing ? getting a diabetes ?uh no, hell no. hoo, I'm bored, usually at this time, I'm playing with my nephews and nieces, strolling down to the town, or just sit back and relax at mum's 'pondok' getting my face poked by wind. but right now, I'm all mati kutu and having chocolate bars.
Thank You for reading my mumbles

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