28th - 29th Ramadhan

basically these two days, is a cleaning and cooking day.
the most tiring day in Ramadhan. all the thing must be done.
so I have cleaned the pond, porch, mopped the floor, vacuumed the carpets, vacuumed the sliding door rail, wiped the sliding door. and I do went to kampung to find some buluh, but it went out already. my cousins prepared some lemang today.

OH, I went to taiping today, picked up my sunglasses, oh yeah, goodbye money and hello babyyyy,, haha, tak sempat lah nak menggayakan awak,

there're to many things i did today, but i cant remember, haih, damn exhausted.

ohh, nephews and nieces played bunga api just now. had some fun watching them play, this is the first time for Aiesyah and Siti  playing the bunga api, and guess what ? Siti's hair, it burned a little ! wheww ! Aiesyah accidentally pointed the bunga api while siti passing in front of her. epic, few smokes came up. haha. I shouted calling Kak Nor, 'Kak Nor, rambut siti ! terbakar sikit, ada asap sikit berkepul, see, kasar dekat sini.' haih, poor kid. nasib baik tak terbakar banyak karang ada yang botak nanti.

Till we meet again Ramadhan :')

Thank You for reading my mumbles

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