16th - 19 Ramadhan

Ramadhan 16,
went back to unisel, had a fever that night. I don't finish my bihun sup for iftar, only half of it.slept early.

Ramadhan 17,
went to Kajang with my housemates to take some of my things at kak ana's place. then went to Jusco Cheras Selatan buying some household thingy. had a fever again that night. I don't finish my rice. my stomach refused to eat and drink. Slept early

Ramadhan 18,
went to chancellery, to settle something, then headed to Bestari Jaya to buy fan. a stand fan for my room and Izzah's. and my stomach still refused to eat. so I had jacob weetameal and peelfresh orange.

Ramadhan 19,
Went to Mr Soo's class. Intro to Psycholinguistic. not talk much about the lecture. only a short brief, since not everyone attended the class. then after class, dropped Imah, Izzah, Dzaquan and Danny at bus stop and headed home. so here am I, home again :) awwhhh I need FOOD ! my stomach been flat for a few days,
Thank You for reading my mumbles

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