5th Ramadhan

I was recalling on my secondary school life.

'eat for sahur as fast as I can, so I can go to sleep, have longer sleep time and woke up at 6.30am'

getting tired after school. then sleep. woke up at 5pm. waiting for iftar. haha.

haha. when I was kid, I don't want to sleep. Now ? I'm trying to get back all my sleep as I was regret that sleeping is important to me. Finding fit time to have sleep even for a while. aaahh, sleep.

I have to move my day time sleep in bulan puasa.3pm is not the right time. I have to help mama in the kitchen.

maybe, at 12pm or 1pm is the right time.

today, Abu Bakr got his bald image, awww. he looks like the Kid in the Avatar movie, Aang*if I'm not mistaken. he also looks like, Hitman, Shaolin Soccer and Shin Chan. hahaha

A moment before he lost his hair.

and the moment after he lost his hair.
what with the freaked out face ?

Gummy Bear rammed a wall today, with her head. quite hard, based on the sound. based on the way she cried. yeah, she wanted to jump on the pile of pillow but she rammed the wall and bounced back. EPIC, but I know it hurt, A LOT. mama then put the cooler gel onto her head to prevent from swelling... later on, that evening, Aiesyah fall down from 'the car' the colorful car for kids to ride on. she fall inverted back. It's like a back flip but only with a car. haih, those kids...
Thank You for reading my mumbles

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