bual kosong

hello people !

17 days to final exam, 38 days to Ramadhan. wahh.. 1 test next week, the lecture are all done, emm sekolah sahabat ? not confirm yet -.- haih. draggy la.

oh, see my palm.

perhaps the cat's DNA is in my blood now :O haha, I think it's getting better. I put gamat. the skin are now closed, now only the rashes (I guessed) come. it's not a bleeding, because the red one is the blood in the capillaries, it's the new tissues maybe. bulat dekat tengah tu bersih je tak gatal pun. tepi-tepi tu gatal macam kena gigit nyamuk-.- merah dah berkurang, allergy dekat muka pun dah takda, Mama was, my skin is in adjustment process.

oh, the Turtle is cute, Thank You. kalau besar laaaaagiiiiii cute. ok, lepas nie bagi telur penyu, dolphin, whale,etc, haha. K. just kidding  thanks again.
yeah, I miss this kid so much !
my little Gummy Bear, it's been more than a month.. haih, dia nie sedap dipeluk.. kalau peluk, rasa taknak lepas, dah la suka minta makan kat orang, pasal tu panggil Gummy Bear, sedap dipeluk, suka makan... "Naa kittttt !, Naaa kitttt"*sambil tadah tangan dari nun :D haih, me miss you baby..

 my new baby. *winkwink* it's been 3 weeks being in my care. one month being mine. hoho. Thanks Abah 

okay, I'm too bored, I'm done blabbering here.okabai, nanite, zzzz...

Thank You for reading my mumbles

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