computer assignment

haiihhhh , for Computer and Technology for Education subject , we need to present this one assignment ,, Audacity Assignment ,,, haihhh , we need to remove the actual singer's voice from the song then record our voices singing that song ... haishhh ,, maigaddddd, mak jemah malu ... Izzah and me sang Barney'g I love You , while Imah and As sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star ,, we decided to sing Nursery Rhyme ,, because it will be so easy and ...... *comel .. hewhew .. but our song is like really short ,, haha .. I wonder why we need to do this assignment, and another assignment that drive us crazy was flash player assignment ,, makan otak punya assignment ,, haishhh
p/s: currently in the computer class , waiting for our turn to present ,, maluuuu *blushing
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