bundle of joy :)

another bundle of joy has arrived !
Introducing my brand new niece .......

name : Siti Nisrina Farafishah
weight : 2.8 kilos
d.o.b : 12/1/12 , 2pm

Welcome to the new world baby ,,
to my sister , congrats on the newborn ,,
can't wait to meet both of you :)

and as for these kids  ;)

you got new sister ...hewhew :D
see you soon ...
so 3 girls and two boys :)
gummy bear, si kembang , ultraman, and abang lebai ..
hmm, what nickname should I give to this newborn ..?

and I heard that, I'm gonna receive another bundle of joy, maybe around Sept or Oct ? :p
haha, dunno yet , just wait and see ,,..

cheersss !
Thank You for reading my mumbles

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