another mumble ,,

helleeewww , it's week 10 already ,
week 10 for me in my 1st semester in 1st year for my degree ,
ooo , I can feel how busy am now ,
I have two pending assignments(BIG one) that need to complete by this week ,

  • Philosophy
  • Grammar
sounds like easy , but , nope it's not that easy , not even in your dream ,,
PTPTN also needs to be settle up this week .

plus with , our drama practice every night ,..
 I wonder who made the time table , 
I was hoping there will be no Literature subject this semester ,
emmm , eventually they are , -baru nak berehat dari drama

ohh , I lost my appetite last week , for the whole week , I'm not sure why ,,
My stomach doesn't feel good too , which means I don't really eat last week ,

so when I went back to my sister's house , the first thing that I was looking is , scales..
yeah scales , I'm too eager to know how much I lost my weight or I did not lost at all .
with a big curiosity , I stepped on the scales ,,, 
guest what , I lost 3 kilos ..
I didn't expect that I will lost that much in one week ,
SO now I have to maintain my weight ,
SO that I will keep slim all the time - gitu bolehhhh ? berapa banyak so daaa ..

I spent my weekend with my niece , obviously SI KEMBANG

bila jalan ala-ala hulk , tapi bila lari macam penguin , oppssss

ohh dear my dear niece , did you know how much I miss you ,
and I just love , when I heard you called me 'CU' with that cute voice ,,,
awww ,,,,
she's dancing and also singing 1Malaysia' song

yeahh she remember the lyrics , although I can't understand wth did she talk ,,
I still can catch some of the words ,, 

I can't touch that thing when she conquered it ..

look what she did , my sister had to mop the floor like 3 times a day ,,
ohhh cik Aiesyah Humaira ,, I love to comb your hair yaa know ,,,  eiii geram pulak dengan kerinting-kerinting tu,

not to forget , the other three kids who always made me laugh ,,
I miss you too ,,
to little siti , I can't wait to see you walk ,,
Abang and Adik ,, yess I know , you guys are watching cartoons all the times ince you got your own tv ,,

OKAY , OFF to drama practice ,,,

p/s : week 10 nie takda ong laahh , bila mau ada ong ? #cipailiau

Thank You for reading my mumbles

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