can i say that i am handphoneless ?

I can't use my mobile phone now ..
the keypad is damage ..
I can't call people , I can't text people (I can't type , but can't send it) , 
I can't set my alarm clock , and the most important this is 
I can't let the phone battery dead ... because if it dead .. I can't switch it on . 
and sometimes it jammed ...
my phone is a slide phone .. so I can only the text keypad , but I can't send it .. and I can pick up calls only ...
so what's the point of having phone but can't use it for emergency ??
USELESS .. or ' handphoneless '

Mama said that she's gonna get me a new phone ??
REALLY ?? like seriously ?
wow , I've been waiting for this time for a long time ..
the thing that mama trying to avoid to buy for me is handphone ..
but yesterday you have said it ..
hehe .. just feel exited for a while ,,
and mama do said that don't buy sony ericsson , try for another brand ...

well , I hold your word tightly mama .. love yaa !

Thank You for reading my mumbles

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Muhd Fadil said...

untonglaaa dpt enset baru nanti kan???

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