Done , and It's more than good ..

Well , we're just finished our play ...
and we received a good review ...
our lecturers there , and our Deputy dean also present on that night too ...

Our class had been divided into two groups ...
My group presented a play entitled
One Night With The King

also known as

while the other group did a play entitled

btw I played two character
King Saul and Prince Memucan
 me at the right as King Saul
me at the left as Prince Memucan

here the list of the actors and actress :
Shieqa : Hadassah / Esther
Rizal : King Xerxes
Joy Shekinah : Hamen
Imah : Mordecai
Fatini : King Saul / Prince Memucan
Shankeri : Hagai
Nisha : Prince Admantha
Qaqa : The Queen of Amalakite
Leong : King Agag
Syaz : Queen Vashti / Candidate
Dalreena : Canndidate / Guard
Sangeet : Candidate / Guard
Dyla : Narrator

Hmmm ... so I already mentioned everyone's names right ??
no one left right ??

oh yeahh and this is our invitation card ..
credit to Syaz for the sponsor !

Thank You for reading my mumbles

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