watched SETEM yesterday ...

it was awesome !!
such a creative story line ...

Isma Yusoof as Aryanto
an Indonesian illegal immigrant
accidentally took the stamp ....
for me he is the victim in this story ... 

Bront Palarae as Burn
in Piranha Lim's group

Que as Iz
Vanida as Iz's sister 
Iz accidentally brought the stamp back home ...
her sister used the stamp to post his brother's letter for Iz's eye operation..

Piranha Lim and his group members ...

Adflin Shauki as Joe
Rashidi Ishak as Sid
I really love the part at the press conference ...
"I didn't said Justin-Timberlake , I said just-don't-be-late !"
haha !

Joe in the trunk ...

Malacca Governor (Lord Arthur Barring) in 1847 wanted somethingto be remembered by future generations. He appointed awatchmaker to create a piece of the stamp. But the stamp wasridiculed by the Governor of India because there was a mistake.Lord Arthur Barring angry and throw the stamp, which is thencollected by his grandson .

In 2008, Charles IV Barring hold a press conference at the A Famosa.He exhibited his family heritage, Barring Stamp. Barring Stamp went through a long journey and now back to Malacca, where it was produced. It will be exhibited at the Malacca Museum. Sid and Joe attended the news conference, with a plan to steal the stamp to be worth 2 million dollars. In fact, Sid and Joe are forced by Mr. Ramli to steal the stamps to cover the cost of purchasing the land for the orphans. Mr Ramli need RM500,000.00. Whether like it or not, Sid and Joe had to do it for deem Pak Ramli who educate them at the orphanage.

However, not only Sid and Joe wanted to steal the stamp. Piranha Lim,leader of a group of 'Ah Long' is also interested. Similarly Vellu who worked as a driver in the security company that will carry the stamp to the museum also want to steal the stamp. Each is designed to get the stamp. Because of so many plans made to steal the stamp, the situation became chaotic.

must watch movie okayy !!

Thank You for reading my mumbles

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