new life begins now!

It’s been a month since I register as a unisel student, means that it’s been a month since I left my family. I have good friends there. Hahaha!! They all nuts! Love them!
About the class, I think we all just come here for holiday because the class always cancel.. but now the hectic schedule will start after the midterm break…. Maybe we all will have a night class…. Urrgh! I hat night class… but what I can do except follow the rules and study. I AM A STUDENT ok!
Oh yaa! Yesterday my friend told me that their house been haunted by that “thing”… oh my God. Her housemate saw “poc%$#” and “ponti#$!*”! Oh God! Please strengthen my heart..!

Pic: with all housemates.. radziah not in da pic
Thank You for reading my mumbles

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